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Author: Bella.Smith

Top 5 Best Valve Cover Parts To Buy In 2017

The valve cover is an important part of your engine making sure that you get to protect the internal parts from any damage and keep the engine running properly. You always have to make sure that you pick the best valve cover so that it can give you the right look and performance that you desire for your engine. Below are some of the valve covers you can buy today. CNS FVC100 Brand New Engine Valve Cover & Valve Cover Gasket for 02-06 Nissan 2.5L Altima Sentra QR25DE If you are looking for a new engine valve cover set,...

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Causes and Symptoms Of An Oil Pan Gasket Leak And How To Repair It

No one wants to wake up to a car that is always leaking oil to the ground. Even if it does not leak to the ground, but the traces of oil around the oil pan or any other engine part is always a sign that the gasket is worn out. This is no good news for anyone who owns a car. The best way would be taking your car to a professional mechanic for a proper check to ensure that it is fixed in time. Let see some things about oil pan gasket leak? Read Also: valve cover gasket...

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How To Change Wiper Blades Like A Pro At Home

The wiper blades are an essential part of the car as they help with cleaning the windscreen whenever the need arises. The wipers blades would be of rubber, and depending on the use, you can expect them to be worn out with time. Most of the time, they would be wiping snow, dust, and rain from the windshield. Whenever you get to hear a squeaky noise coming from the wiper blades, then it means that they are now worn out. What you will have to do is change the wiper blades. So, how to change wiper  blades? Some would...

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How To Fix Valve Cover Gasket Leak Like A Pro

No one would want to wake up to a leaking gasket as it always means that there is some work to be done. A valve cover gasket leak is always a sign that it is time to replace the gaskets if you are going to prevent the oil from leaking anymore. Picking the best gaskets would depend on a number of factors, which are often, influenced the engine type you have. If you are unsure which type to buy, then make sure to talk to a specialist to help you out with identifying the right type of model to...

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Tips For Buying The Best Valve Cover Gasket

The valve cover is often a piece of metal cover that you see at the top of your engine. The cover would be attached to a car’s engine by using a gasket. The gasket can be made of cork or rubber. Depending on quality and other features, you get to pick the right valve cover gasket to use. With the excess heat of the engine, it is common that the valve cover gaskets would weaken with time and you end up with worn out gaskets. The worn out gaskets would not start leaking oil from the engine. It is...

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