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How To Change Wiper Blades Like A Pro At Home

How To Change Wiper Blades Like A Pro At Home

The wiper blades are an essential part of the car as they help with cleaning the windscreen whenever the need arises. The wipers blades would be of rubber, and depending on the use, you can expect them to be worn out with time. Most of the time, they would be wiping snow, dust, and rain from the windshield. Whenever you get to hear a squeaky noise coming from the wiper blades, then it means that they are now worn out. What you will have to do is change the wiper blades. So, how to change wiper  blades?

Some would not be sure on how to change the wiper blades. It is the reason most people would take their car to the mechanic to help with changing the best wiper blades for your car. Well, you can still do the fitting yourself by following a few simple steps. We get to look at the steps to follow when it comes to changing the wiper blades.

What you need to know before changing the blades

If you are going to make the changes to the wiper blade inserts, then there are a few things you have to keep in mind. You have to consider the part of the wiper blade that you are looking to change. The windshield wipers would come with three different parts. Most of the time, you will be replacing the rubber part of the wipers, as they are the ones worn down by the water and continuous wiping of the windshield.

Another thing to consider should be the size of the blade. You have to make sure that you get to end up with the right replacement for your blades. You will have to measure the old blades with a tape or ruler to get the exact measurements. At the auto parts store, you will be asked the size of the wiper blades. Make sure to get the wiper blades of the exact size as those you are replacing.

How to change wiper blades


  1. Removing the old wiper blades

The process of removing wiper blades is simple but can vary depending on the type of wipers you have. You first have to raise the wiper off the windshield. This is important so that the metal part does not scratch the windshield. You still have to keep the metal part perpendicular to the windshield so that it does not include snack back to crack the windshield.

how to change wiper blades

With the wiper blade up, you can proceed to unhook the old wiper blade. Where the rubber wiper blades the metal arm, there is a plastic stopper that is used to hold the blade in position. Press to open the stopper and now unhook the wiper blade from its position.

  1. Insert the new wiper blade

It is now time to insert the new wiper blade. You simply slide it back from the position of the old wiper blade. Gently pivot the wiper blade until you hear it snap into position. Replace the plastic stopper on the wiper, and you should be done.

With one side done, proceed to do the same for the other wiper blade. As you can see, changing the wiper blades is simple and should not take you more than 5 minutes.

What you’ll need

–    New wiper blades

When to change wiper blades

It is not just about how to replace wiper blades but also knowing when to change the wiper blades. You have to check for cracks on the old wiper blades. With time, the rubber deteriorates thus you might end up having the rubber becoming hard and cracking. If you see the cracks, then the wiper blades need to be replaced soon.

You need to check out the wiping capability of the blades when it is raining. The worn out wipers tend to leave streaks of water when it is raining. It would make seeing through the rain quite hard. This shows that the rubber has lost its grip and it is time to replace it.

The overall process on how to change wiper blades is quite straightforward and you too can do it. You could always check out some YouTube videos if you are looking to check out some of the best ways to change the blades with ease. Many people have created such videos to help others with the process.


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