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How To Fix Valve Cover Gasket Leak Like A Pro

How To Fix Valve Cover Gasket Leak Like A Pro

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No one would want to wake up to a leaking gasket as it always means that there is some work to be done. A valve cover gasket leak is always a sign that it is time to replace the gaskets if you are going to prevent the oil from leaking anymore. Picking the best gaskets would depend on a number of factors, which are often, influenced the engine type you have. If you are unsure which type to buy, then make sure to talk to a specialist to help you out with identifying the right type of model to buy.

Why is a valve cover gasket leaking?

You could say that the valve cover gasket takes a lot of abuse when the engine is working, but people never appreciate it until it is worn out. You have to think of what to do next after identifying that your valve cover gaskets are leaking. Having a valve cover leak is something that can frighten some people, but it is also a quick fix if you have the right type of tools.

The reason why you would get a valve gasket leak is because the gasket is worn out. Most of the gaskets would be made of rubber or cork material. These two materials will often deteriorate with time depending on just how much they are being used. With the gasket being perished, you have to start thinking of how you would replace it. You have to always replace the gasket with original gasket as a way of making sure that you get quality products.

valve cover gasket leak

How to fix a valve cover gasket leak

  1. What is your engine type?

Since cars are from different manufacturers, you can expect that the engines would be different. You have to assess the engine type you have before gathering the tools needed to open the valve cover and replace the gaskets.

You need to inspect if the oil is actually coming from the valve cover or somewhere else. Check around the joints of the valve cover and engine head to find if there is oil or debris accumulating around it. In most cases, when the oil is leaking, it would attract dirt as it flows.

  1. Remove valve cover leak

Now that you have all the tools needed for the job, now you can start the job of removing the plastic or metallic valve cover. It might involve doing several screws first to free it. You will always get some hoses and electrical wires connected to it. Make sure they are all disconnected and labeled for you to have an easier time getting them back in place. With the cover removed, proceed to remove the spark plugs.

With the gaskets leaking, then you are likely to find a pool of oil around the spark plugs. Wipe the oil by using a rag to ensure that they are clean when you later put them back in their position. Depending on the condition of the spark plugs, you might have to replace them with new ones.

  1. Replace the valve cover gasket leak

It is now time to replace the leaking gasket with a new one. You have to peel off the old gasket around the engine head and still clean the valve cover to remove the valve cover sealant. With a putty knife, you should easily remove the oil RTV from the engine head and valve cover as a way of preparing the surface for the new sealant.

Proceed to apply new RTV sealant on the specified areas before installing the gasket in its position. With the gasket in its position, then proceed to add the valve cover on top of the gasket. Make sure the cover is positioned correctly with the holes for tightening the bolts. With the sealant under it, you have to get it right at the first time.

With the sealant dry and the valve cover in the right position, proceed to add the bolts in place and tighten them. You have to use the correct torque so that you do not overtighten or undertighten. Just like that, you should be done when it comes to replacing your valve cover gasket.

valve cover gasket leak

Set of gaskets for the engine

What you’ll need

  • Putty knife
  • Rubber mallet
  • Socket set
  • Brake cleaner
  • Valve cover gasket kit
  • RTV sealant

The overall process of replacing your valve cover gasket is not hard. You simply need to have the correct tools and you will be done in less time. Most of the time, you would end up with a leak, but it should not be something that frightens you a lot. With a few tools and tweaking with valve cover seal, you should be able to plug the issues and get the engine working properly again. You can always share this guide with friends to help them learning about how to deal with a valve cover gasket leak.

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