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Get To Learn About What Causes The Burning Smell From Car

Get To Learn About What Causes The Burning Smell From Car

Each time you end up with burning smell from car, it always means that there is trouble. The best part is that you can now also end up diagnosing the problem and make the repairs. Some of these repairs can be done at home or if it is complicated, then a professional mechanic could help you out to replace the burnt component.

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Burning Smell In Car

burning smell from car

You must have experienced a car smell like burning at some point of being a driver. Many things can lead to burning smell from car, all you have to do is find the best solution for such a problem. The familiar smells can include burning oil smell, the smell from the heater, from an electrical short and many other things. The best thing for a car owner is to learn about the different causes of the burning smell in a car before handling the solutions.

Car Smell From Heater

It is often that sometimes when you fire up your car, a nasty smell from the vent hits you in the face. Do not worry about the smell as you are not alone. The trick is to find what is causing the burning smell from AC and handle it.


–    Build-up of fungus, bacteria, and mold in the vehicle venting system

–    Dirt and dust in the air filters

–    Faulty fuel lines that can leak the fuel and its smell blow into the car

burning smell from car

Dirt and dust in the air filters that is one of the reasons why have a burning oil from car


–    Start by replacing the air filters

–    Check the fuel lines to eliminate any leaks

–    Apply antibacterial products into the vents

Just like that, you could quickly eliminate the burning smell from car heater and enjoy the best cooling experience.

Electrical Short

When an electrical short happens, you can have a few components burning. You might experience car smells like burning rubber or plastic. It is because the plastic covers around the conductors are burning.


–    Having an electrical surge in the car wiring system

–    Loose electrical connections


–    Let a professional mechanic handle the issues of electrical problems in your car. The wrong connections by unqualified personnel could lead to more issues.

Car Smell from Engine

Burning smell from engine is not something you would always want to experience. The burning smell will always mean trouble as the engine is the heart of the car. The trouble of engine smells is that they can vary. You have to identify the type of smell before making the repairs.


–    Burning of car insulation

–    Electrical short

–    Damage in the emission controls system

–    The engine is running rich

burning smell from car

Blue smoke that means have a burning oil in the engine


–    Check to see if the engine is leaking fuel and fix the fuel lines

–    Blue smoke could mean the engine is burning oil too, have that fixed

–    Let a professional handle the emission control system

Car Smell from Clutch

Ask anyone who has experienced a burning smell from car; it is easy for such a person to tell you when the clutch starts to burn. The burning smell from car clutch is quite distinctive; you can never miss it. It would always happen during the gear change. It is whenever you have a worn clutch that slips when shifting.

burning smell from car

Burning smell from car when the clutch have a worn out and starts to burn


–    Riding the clutch leads to faster wearing of the clutch


–    The solution for removing the burning smell from car is simply replacing the worn clutch. It would not do any good when it comes to changing the gears.

Burning Smell Outside Car

Having burning smell outside the car is quite common too, so you have to make sure it is handled as soon as possible. The burning smell from car would be always come up whenever you start driving and stop after a few miles. It could also be when you go to park your car. A number of things could lead to such a car smell. The common culprits would be that your vehicle is burning oil or coolant through the exhaust. Car burning oil no leak can be the first reason, so make sure to check for any leaks.

If you end up finding any oil leaks or other types of leaks, you should have them fixed as soon as possible to prevent any further damage.

Burning Smell from Brakes

burning smell from car

Should not try to drive with the handbrake on

Think of the time you are going downhill, and you have to ride the brakes. The outcome is that the friction would be so high that you end up having a burning smell from brakes. With the friction being too high, you can end up smoking the brakes.


–    Riding the brakes hard all the time

burning smell from car

Checking the caliper position to ensure they are still working correctly


–    Check the caliper position to ensure they are still working correctly

–    Do not try to drive with the handbrake on

Burning Smell from Car Exhaust

Having a burning smell from car, especially from the exhaust could be because of multiple issues. As much as the car exhaust is supposed to release the exhaust gasses, but some smell would mean something is not right with the car. You can smell rotten eggs, gas smell and many other types of smell.


–    You might have an oil leak

–    You might have Sulphur in the fuel

–    Your car is running rich

burning smell from car

Having “white smoke” from exhaust but does not smell like fuel


–    There is a break down in the converter that eliminates Sulphur smell

–    Repair the oil leaks into the burning chamber

The burning smell from exhaust could mean many things. If you are unsure of what to repair, you should have your car inspected by a specialist.

Let us face it; the problem of burning smell from car is something you would always experience with time. No car would run perfectly over the years; it might break down over time. The best thing you can do would be taking your car for a proper maintenance each time you have a problem with some parts. By now, you have learned about some of the common causes of burning smell from car, always take the right steps to handle the issue.

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