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Get To Learn About How To Put A Tire On A Rim Easily

Get To Learn About How To Put A Tire On A Rim Easily

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The process of putting or removing a tire on a rim is something you can try today. All you need is to have the right tools and skills. Most people would do this because they want to gain more skills or simply need to save money. As part on how to put a tire on a rim, it is important that you get the right size of tire for the rim at all times. All the tires will have their sizes marked on them. An example is that when you have a 14-inch trim, the tire to be installed is also 14 inches.

How to put a Tire on a Rim by Hand Tools

The next time you are looking at how to put a tire on a rim, you can always follow this process. You will realize that is nothing to worry about.

Tools you will need

how to put a tire on a rimVise grips

how to put a tire on a rimScrewdriver or a pry bar

how to put a tire on a rimLiquid dish detergent

how to put a tire on a rim

How to do it


Start by placing the rim on a level round with the outer side facing up. This should be followed by lubricating the tire beads with the dish detergent. Place the tire on your rim making sure that the beads are inside the edges of the holes.


Proceed to stand or push on the sides to your tire and then lock the vise grips around your rim so that it can help with installing the bead. The vise grip will keep from being in contact with the rim until it is installed in position.


Proceed to slide a pry bar between the rim and the bead and then pull back. When you pull back, slide the bead out of the rim. You are advised to do it in short spaces when putting tire on the rim.


By using the same process, install the other beads of the tire until all of them are in their position.


With the tire on the rim, you need to inflate it. You will hear a loud popping sound meaning that the tire is seating itself properly in the rim. You are not supposed to overinflate the tire at this point. Check the sidewall for the correct tire pressure. Just like that, you know how to put a tire on a rim.

Tips and Warnings

how to put a tire on a rimMake sure to lubricate the tire enough to make the process simpler

how to put a tire on a rimDo not over-inflate the tire as it is dangerous

How to Remove a Tire from Rim with Hand Tools

The tires will often wear over time. With the treads being over, you need to remove the tire from the rim so that you can install a new tire. We get to look at how to remove a tire from rim.

Tools you will need

how to put a tire on a rimLarge pry bar

how to put a tire on a rimValve stem removal tool

how to put a tire on a rimHard grease

how to put a tire on a rimFlat tip screwdriver

With the tools mentioned above, the process on how to take a tire from a rim should now be easier than most people expect.

how to put a tire on a rim

How to do it


Start by laying the tire on the ground by having the outer side of the rim facing up. The first thing to remove would be the valve stem cap.


Using the valve stem removal tool, push the tip into the valve stem and then turn counter-clockwise. Using the valve stem, twist to leak all the air inside the tire.


Now proceed to wedge a flat tip screwdriver in a position between the rim and tire to help in breaking the seal between the two.


If possible, get an assistant who will be standing on the wheel as you position a pry bar between rim and tire. You would be using the wheel’s rim as the leverage to pry the tire from its position. You need to force the tire to get on top of the rim. It will be a difficult job to do, but once you get one side up, the other parts will easily come off.


You now need to flip the wheel and wedge the pry bar once again to remove the tire on the other side. In no time, you would be ready to back on how to mount a tire as the part of removing is now done.

Tips and warnings

After learning how to take tire off rim, you have to keep in mind the force used to pry the tire from the rim. Do it wrongly, and you might end up with a bent rim. It is however not easy to bend a rim.

As you can see, how to put a tire on a rim and how to remove it from the rim are quite easy procedures you can follow. Make sure to keep safety in mind so that you do not end up having more trouble with fitting or removing the tires.

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