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How Many Miles Between Oil Changes? Signs Of Oil Change

How Many Miles Between Oil Changes? Signs Of Oil Change

How many miles between oil changes is a common question motorist would ask, however, you have to understand the work of oil before even thinking about an oil change. The type of oil you put in the car often serves as the blood of the car, without it, you would always end up with multiple problems. The main use of the oil is to help with lubricating the engine parts and cooling the engine. With the heat and friction kept to a minimum, the result is that you end up with an engine that can last for longer.

Signs of Oil Change

Of course, at some point, you have to change the oil. The question is how many miles between oil changes? The oil change is part of a maintenance schedule that ensures you end up with a great working engine. If the oil is old, it will lose its viscosity making it unable to work as a lubricant. If that happens, you will end up with more engine wear and tear. You have to identify some of the signs of oil change so that you can do it whenever it is required.

  1. The oil looks black and dirty

    The color of new engine oil would be honey brown. Whenever you see your car having such color for engine oil, then it is good news. Of course, it would darken after using the car for a few weeks, but the same cannot be compared to as when it has to be changed. If the oil is black and gritty with a few particles, then it is time to make an oil change. The best oil filter would be trying to prevent the particles from getting into the engine, but at some point, you have to change it too.

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  2. The engine is louder than usual

    The oil is important for lubricating the engine parts, so without it, you end up with some of the parts rubbing against each other hard. It will start to feel as if the parts are grinding against each other creating a louder engine noise than before. If you had been counting, you would know how many miles between oil changes.

  3. Engine light tends to stay on

    For the newer cars, it is possible to have the oil gauge light coming on. When this happens, you should be ready to do the oil change. For the older cars that do not have the oil gauge light, you can use the engine light. In most cases, the engine light would come on if there is limited lubricant running around the engine. Before you can think it is some highly complicated problem, just check your oil level to see what could be wrong.

  4. Low oil levels

    Still on the question of how many miles between oil changes, the low level of oil in the engine is always a concern. It is important that you get to keep an eye on the oil level more often to ensure it is within the right range. If the oil level is too low, sometimes instead of topping up the oil, you could check its viscosity and color and simply change it. It is always better that way.

how many miles between oil changes

How many miles between oil changes

We now have many multiple oil manufacturers today. Each manufacturer would offer a different mileage that is needed before you can change the oil eventually. There is still the recommended range for the different types of oil such as the conventional oil, synthetic oil, and the high mileage oil.

  1. How often to change conventional oil

    This should not come as a surprise, but the conventional oil would often be changed regularly. This type of oil should be changed at the 5000 mile mark or even sooner to ensure that your car keeps on running smoothly.

  2. How often to change synthetic oil

    Synthetic oil is quite the winner for handling the engine lubrication for a long time. Its design makes it great for handling different types of engine. You will have to change the synthetic oil after about 15000 miles. As you can see, it is better than when you were using the conventional oil.

  3. How often to change high mileage oil

    For older cars that would have 75000 miles, you need to consider using the high mileage oil. This type of oil would ensure that the engine parts are well lubricated. Depending on the manufacturer, some recommend that you change high mileage oil after 7500 miles to a max of 10000 miles.

How much oil does by car take

how many miles between oil changes

This would be vital information worth knowing so that you can buy the right amount of oil to be refilled in the car. From statistics, most engines would take from 5 to 8 quarts of new oil. It is easy to establish that the smaller engines would take up less oil to fill the engine. If you are now thinking about how much oil does my car take, then the following list should help you make a decision.

–    The 4-cylinder engine requires 5 quarts of engine oil

–    The 6-cylinder engine takes up 6 quarts of engine oil

–    The 8-cylinder engine can require from 5 to 8 quarts mostly varying about the engine size

Choose correct engine oil

how many miles between oil changes

With many options available on the market today, it is easy to find that most motorists would be confused as to which model they should stick to after deciding how many miles between oil changes. Here is how to choose correct engine oil.

–    Understand the label meanings. You would get a W with other numbers. The W mostly means winter condition and the numbers indicate the flow rate and viscosity level of the oil at high temperatures. You should now choose the right oil with the correct viscosity.

–    The type of engine oil also matters. The synthetic oil and high mileage oil would often be preferred for the older cars. They have additives that help cushion the engine from wearing further. The newer cars would often use the conventional oil as recommended by the manufacturers.

–    Oil additives are common today with some having claims that they can fill up the leaks. You have to be careful about using such type of engine oil. You do not want to end up doing more damage than good.

By now, it should not be a problem deciding how many miles between oil changes. You can now opt for the best engine oil that you give you more mileage and still make sure your engine is well lubricated. With such information in your mind, it is highly unlikely that you would end up not taking care of your engine. You would always know when it is time to do the oil change.

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