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How To Escape A Car Crash In Water

How To Escape A Car Crash In Water

When your car unfortunately down into the deep and cold water, you need to act fast to get more chances living. So, how to escape a car crash in water fast ?

How To Escape A Car Crash In Water

Keep calm

The airbag system in a vehicle could be set off by the impact. It can inflate rapidly withing 0.04 seconds when it is triggered. So you need to put both hands on the steering wheel in the “nine and three” positions as soon as you notice that you are going off the road and fall into the water. Are you asking why is not “ten and two” position? Because if you put your hands in that position, your hands willl be forced into your face and cause the serious injury.Keep calm.

Because this helps you keep the energy, saves the precious air and help you feel stronger. Let put the panic when you reach the shore.

Undo your seat belt

Professor DR Gordon Giesbrecht who is a expert of cold water immersion, says that you should solve seat belt first.  However, there is a other opinion that you should still stay and keep your seat belt. This theory suggests that when you need to push the door opening with helping of the seat belt as a fulcrum is easier. On the downside, keeping the seat belt under water can make you are harder to get out fast and to move out.

Break the window

You need to focus on the window. Fist, try to open the window by the electronically method because the electrical system can work for up to three minutes in water.

The reason of leaving the door is the car will be sinked within 5 to 10 seconds as soon as you open the door, while the car can float between 30 seconds to 2 minutes. So, you should escape by the window when it still floats. Let aim for a side window because windshields are several layer thickers.

You should break the window If you can not open or it only opens halfway.

Using any tools you have to break the window such as: high heels, your feet, a rock, hammer, steering wheel lock, latop, large camera, umbrella,…You should aim to kick near the front of the window, or along the hinges.

Hold your breathe

Do not open the doors until the water goes up and fills in the cars. When the water goes up to your  chin, breathing slow, deep and hold.

Beginning to push yourself through the window which is broken.

Swimming to the surface

Finding the light and swimming toward it.

If you can escape the accident and still live, consider yourself one of the lucky ones. Your car will be great damage to repair. However, it is a small issue to compare with  potential injury and loss of life.


The heavy things can make you sink. So, you always ready to remowe them to swim easier.

Buy breaking tools as soon as possible. And do not forget to keep it within the car at all times.

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