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Important Hand Car Wash Tips For Every Motorist

Important Hand Car Wash Tips For Every Motorist

Hand car wash is something people have done for many years since the invention of cars. It is common that you would find most people washing their cars on weekends rather than taking them to the machine car wash. Well, if you love your car looking all-great, you can always learn how to hand wash it properly. We get to give you tips to get started.

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How to do it

When it comes to hand washing the car, not all people are fans, but there are a few benefits washing your own car at home. We get to look at how to hand car wash easily and end up loving the experience.

Things you’ll need

  • Soap
  • Hoses
  • Bucket
  • Rags
  • Supply of water


  • Start by parking the car out of the direct sunlight. The aim of doing this is to prevent the premature drying of soap on the car. You might try to wash it hard to get the swirls out. Just make sure that you wash the car under a shade.
  • Gather all the materials you need for washing the car. The best part about hand car wash is that you do not need a lot of expensive supplies. Some of the things you would need include soap, large supply of water, bucket, hose, rags and any other things you think are necessary.
  • Fill the bucket with enough water and then add the car wash soap in the right quantity. Check the mixing instructions on the soap bottle to mix it with the right water ratio.
  • Before you can start applying the soap on the car, you have to make sure that the antenna retracted and the windows are closed. You do not want the water soaking up your interior.
  • Using the hose, spray water on the car to loosen the grit. Make sure to use less pressure so that you do not end up scratching the paint. Aim the jet downwards so that the water easily clears the grit.
  • With your sponge that is soaked in soapy water, proceed to start washing the car. Apply the soap in the different areas of the car. Make sure that the sponge is soft and does not have any abrasive material. This is important so that you do not have little scratches.
  • The best trick is to wash the car section by section and mostly starting at the top. There should be more effort when washing the lower areas.
  • Once the whole car has been washed with soap, it is now time to rinse the car with plain water. It is important to rinse the car sooner so that the soap does not dry on the pain, stain it.
  • As for the wheels, you can now use a brush to remove the dirt and grime from them. The brush should only be used on the tires. If you have glossy wheels, you need to still use the sponge to clean them so that there are no scratches.
  • With the fresh towels, you can now rinse the car. This will remove any water spots and leave your car looking clean and fresh.

Compare Hand car wash and Machine Car Wash

There is no doubt that at some point you must have thought about either picking hand car wash over machine car wash and vice versa. You have to always think about the different pros and cons of each method. Since machines now mostly run most industries, you would get more people inclined to picking a machine.

Machine car wash


  • It is gentle on the car body paint
  • The wash is thorough.
  • It is not easy to miss spots
  • The machine does not tire as a human
  • It is cost effective on time and water


  • It is often expensive to set up the shop for cash wash
  • The customers have to pay more
  • Issues of water spotting are common

Hand car wash


  • No expensive equipment is needed
  • You can get into tight spots
  • You can do it at home


  • Some people often have a poor finish
  • It is labor and time intensive
  • A lot of water is wasted

As you can see, both of these methods have their own pros and cons. It is often up to the customer to decide which one is better for him. For those looking to save on time, they would definitely go for the machine car wash.

Interior and Exterior Car Wash – Q&A

Q1: What should I wash first between car wash interior and exterior?

A1: If you are to do both interior and exterior car wash, it is better to start with the interior.

Q2: How do I do interior car wash?

A2: It is just as the exterior car wash as you will need the right supplies. These supplies are made to make cleaning of the interior to be faster and easier.

Q3: What can I use to rinse the car if I don’t have a hose?

A3: You will need a separate bucket with plain water. The plain water can be used to clear soap easily before it dries.

Q4: Should I start washing a car from the top or the bottom?

A4: It is advisable to start washing from the top. If you start at the bottom, all the dirt from the top will just make it dirty again.

Q5: What do I do if I can’t put the car anywhere where there isn’t sunlight?

A5: It is still possible to wash the car in sunlight, but make sure to rinse the soap section by section as you clean it.


hand car washDo not wait for a lot of dirt and grime to accumulate before you can wash the car. Always keep it clean whenever possible.

hand car washIf you end up having dead bugs, bird dropping and other dirt, you have to clean them immediately.

hand car washYou have to use the dedicated car-wash products. These products are often much milder and are also designed for automotive paint.

hand car washUse a soft sponge for cleaning the car, as one with abrasive material is likely to scratch the paint.

hand car washMake sure to rinse the soapy water as fast as possible so that it does not dry on the paint.

When it comes to hand car wash, it is one of the simplest things you would ever do. You will always end up with the right looks on the car once you are done. You get to save some money and still clean your car with simple supplies. Make sure to follow the tips above to end up with the best experience.

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