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Important Tips About How Long Should Tires Last

Important Tips About How Long Should Tires Last

There are various types of tires that you can get on the market today. One thing to note is that not all of them will be great. Sometimes, the tires can be great, but the driving habits of the car owner make them easily get damaged. It is the reason we get to ask ourselves how long should tires last?

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What Damages The Tires?

As much as the tire wearing is unavoidable, there are some things can accelerate the overall wear of the tires.

Below are some of the things that can lead to the tires wearing faster than the expected lifetime. These factors are important to know when to buy new tires.

how long should tires lastClimate

The air will expand or contract based on the climate of where the vehicle is situated. For a hot day, the air will expand, making the tire seem overinflated. The opposite happens for the cold temperatures where the air contracts, making the tire seem underinflated. Depending on where you are located, the manufacturer of the tires would recommend the correct pressure for cold and hot seasons. It is important to maintain the pressure within those limits to avoid wearing the tires unnecessarily.

how long should tires lastDriving habits

It is common that sometimes you might get people who do aggressive cornering, braking, and accelerating. This will definitely have an effect on how long should tires last. You should practice the best driving capabilities to keep the tires looking and working great for long.

how long should tires lastImproper usage

Not all tires would be best for carrying heavy loads. For the heavy load cars, they would have a certain type of tires recommended to handle the friction. Using the wrong tires for the job always leads to having tire damage in no time.

how long should tires lastNeglecting basic tire maintenance

Sometimes you might get a person driving on a flat tire or underinflated tire. These are the basic tire maintenance things any driver should know. Driving on a flat tire is always a recipe for tire damage. You need to take the tire for repairs before you can continue using it.

how long should tires lastPhysical factors

The physical factors can include the condition of the surroundings where you often drive the car. If the area does not have the best roads, then you might end up damaging the tires more often. This calls for having the best tires meant for that particular environment. It is the reason you get there are road tires and off-road tires.

how long should tires lastRoad conditions

The road conditions can easily lead to wearing or damage to the tires. If you are traveling in an area full of potholes, you have to go at the appropriate speed to prevent unnecessarily bumping into potholes at high speeds. There are various road conditions, not just potholes that you can encounter. All you have to do is slow down to avoid any major damage to the tires.

how long should tires last

Symptoms of Bad Wheel Bearing

As part of making sure that the tires can last for long, you need to watch out for symptoms of the bad wheel bearing. Check them out below.

how long should tires lastA snapping or popping sound that indicates there is a worn out CV-joint.

how long should tires lastThere is a grinding sound that you get when the vehicle is in motion

how long should tires lastThere is excessive play in the CV or U- joints

how long should tires lastThere is a humming sound you get if the care has electrical or drivetrain components

how long should tires lastThe wheel is often vibration or wobbling

How to Check the Tire Tread

Check your air pressure

how long should tires last

When it comes to how to check the tire tread, you have to make sure that the air pressure if filled to the right psi. This should give you an easy view of the tire treads. Having the best tire pressure gauge is something that will make finding out such measurement to be easy.

Check the tread wear 

Each tire will have its own standards for tread wear. With the air at the correct pressure, you can easily see how far the tire tread is worn out. Depending on various factors, it can be worn out evenly or sideways or even at the middle part only. Using tire tread depth gauge to ensure checking the tread wear exactly.

how long should tires last

Those who might have the question on how long does it take to change the tire, it always depends on your experience. It can take longer or less time.

How long should tires last?

How often should you change your tire? That is a common question most people have, but in most cases is when the tire is worn out. To get new tires should not be a problem. 

So, how long does it take to get new tires?

The durability is dependent mostly on various factors, but on average the tires can last up to 4 years when you do 12,000 to 15,000 miles per year.

Now that you know more on how long should tires last, it is possible to make a decision how to take care of them more often. You simply have to make sure that you get the tires inspected more often to ensure that you spot any issues before they become a problem. Do this right, and you will have durable tires always.

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