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Is It Safe To Drive With An EVAP System Leak?

Is It Safe To Drive With An EVAP System Leak?

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When Evap System comes to emissions, most people will think in the line of the CO2 that comes out of the exhaust. Well, you might want to check out the different list of emissions your car can release starting today.

One of the other common emission tests is on the evaporative emissions. This is where the test is done on your fuel tank to see if it is evaporating fuel over time. At this point, the mechanic has to check for the Evap system leak to determine if the car is safe to keep driving around without causing too much destruction to the environment.

What is an evaporative emission control system?

The evaporative emission control system is a powerful system that will capture the raw fuel from evaporating from the fuel tank. Normally it does not need maintenance, but when the faults occur, then the check engine light comes on. This will make the car fail to pass the emissions test.

What is an EVAP leak?

This is an evaporation leak in the car due to faulting the emission control system. This will then lead to having the gas fumes reaching the atmosphere. At this point, the engine computer will recognize it as a large leak in its control system and thus it has to be sealed first.

Symptoms of having a leak

–    The main symptom of leaking is when the check engine light keeps blinking when driving.

–    It is possible to smell fuel in the cabin as you drive. If this happens, make sure to check the gas cap immediately to make sure it is not the one with a problem.

–    Some cars will experience a slight drop in the gas mileage

The causes of a leak

–    Damaged hose system

–    Leaks in the charcoal canister and fuel tank

–    Leak when the gas cap is not closed properly

–    The damaged gas cap seal

When it is time for repairs, the mechanic apart from diagnosing the other areas, these parts have to be checked first. Sometimes you may find it is a simple fix that does not need a lot of time and money.

Is it safe to drive the car with the Evap System leak?

Yes. It is safe for you to drive the car with the leak but you are advised against doing it for long. The moment you notice the engine light blinking; you should consider checking the gas cap first. If the gas cap is tight, but the light keeps turning on, take the car to a professional for repairs to the system.

Whether it is a small EVAP leak or something easily noticeable, make sure that you give it the attention it deserves. No one wants to end up failing the emissions test or experience further problems with the car. From the moment you notice there is an EVAP system leak, it is time to take the car to a specialist for repairs.

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