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Learn How To Put Air In A Tire With Ease For All People

Learn How To Put Air In A Tire With Ease For All People

When it comes to how to put air in a tire, it is something that many people would not want to do, but it is often easy. You do not have to do a lot, as the process itself is simple. You should have the tires easily inflated to the correct pressure in no time. Below are tips and steps you could use for inflating the tires.

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Gauge Pressure

Step 1: Prepare a tire pressure gauge

If you are going to fill the tires with the right pressure, you have to know just how much would be enough. You might be having the right tire pressure and you end up adding more for nothing. The best way to learn more about the tire pressure is by checking the current tire pressure. This calls for having the right tire pressure gauge.

The tire pressure should easily help with how to measure air pressure. The pressure gauge can start at low prices of even $5, so you should have no reason not to get one for yourself.

how to put air in a tire

Step 2: Tire pressure check

To check the pressure of the tires, you need to unscrew the valve stem cap to have an easy way of taking the pressure. Press the end of the gauge into the valve and hold it there steadily. You can now easily see the current reading of the pressure as it is a hissing sound. Depending on the gauge, you should easily read the gauge with the correct readings.

Step 3: How much air should be in your tires

When it comes to how to put air in a tire, you have to learn about just how much air is enough. For most cars, you would find them having the option of up to 35 PSI. The amount of air will always vary depending on the tires. It is always great if you can check on the tires probably once a month when visiting a gas station. On the tires, you will find the information about the amount of pressure that the tires can handle. Make sure that you do not inflate beyond the number indicated on the tires.

Preparing to pump

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Step 1: Remove valve stem caps

Before you can start using the air pressure pump or air pump for car, you have to prepare the tire for inflating it with air. You will have to remove the valve stem caps. Keep them safe as you would have to put them back later on. You can keep them in your pocket if you are worried about them getting lost.

Step 2: Find the air pump

When it comes to finding an air pump, you may want to go for an electric air pump for tires or a mini air compressor for car. It can even be better if you have a portable air pump for car. The manual floor pump would often take you more time that is not even necessary.

The automatic air compressors are great for those looking to easily fill their tires with air. Depending on the type, you can always use a model that operates on 12v outlet.

Step 3: Are your tires cold?

One thing that you always have to keep in mind should be if the tires are cold or not. This means that you might have to check the air pressure in the morning. With warm tires, you would end up with inaccurate readings from the tires.

Step 4: Use an air pump at the closest gas station

You do not always have to trouble yourself to buy an air pump for your car. It is possible to easily fill your tire with air from the nearest gas station. Most of the gas station would have it in the parking lot where you simply have to go there and start filling. As for the price, some places offer it free while others might just charge a few cents.

How to put air in a tire

Step 1: Hook up the pump

By now you should be ready to start filling the tire with air. Feed in the requisite amount of money to activate the pump. The humming noise is an indication that the pump is running. Proceed to stretch the hose to the closest tire from the pump. Hold the tip of the nozzle into your tire valve stem. You would hear a noise of the air filling the tires.

Step 2: Be patient

If you had a low pressure, you have to be patient. It can take more time to fill the whole tire, so you need to hold the nozzle from the pump for longer. Others would take an average of 20 seconds if it is just topping up.

Step 3: Check the pressure

You will need to check the pressure more often as you go. You can always add more pressure to the tire with time if you feel that it has dropped beyond the recommended level. Once you have filled the tires to the right pressure, you can now stop filling. From your tire gauge pressure you can still confirm the amount of psi. A quick tire pressure check should easily give a peace of mind knowing that you have the right pressure amount.

Step 4: Replace valve stem caps

Now that you are done with adding air to the tires, you have to make sure to replace the valve stem caps in position. The caps are not a must, but they come in handy to keep the dirt out and still prevent easy air removal by a stray object.

Tips and Warnings


  • Make sure you remove the stem caps in advance as the pump often just works for 3 minutes and you have to top up to start it again.
  • Take the time to check on the tire sidewall to learn more about the amount of pressure you have to put in the tires.
  • Make sure to keep on checking on your tires more often just to make sure it is within the right pressure range.
  • Check the tire pressure when the tires are still cold. The warm tires would give incorrect readings.


  • You need to be careful with the amount of pressure you use. You have to keep the pressure in the correct range or you will end up with uneven wear of the tires.
  • You need to use your own gauge more often as sometimes the gas station gauges might have incorrect readings.

As you can see, the process of how to put air in a tire is something you can easily do on your own. You simply have to follow the tips we have mentioned above and you should be good to go. Most people have found it easy to put more air in their tires and never depend on anyone.

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