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Quick Tips To The Best Speedometer Calibration Process

Quick Tips To The Best Speedometer Calibration Process

Speedometer calibration is important so that you get to know accurately just how fast you are going. You do not want always to end up to be that one person who gets handed a ticket each day for speeding. Speedometer calibration can also be done when you are about the bigger tires on your car. Some people might think it is a complex process, but that is not always the case. When you get to put your mind to it, you should be done in no time.

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Speedometer Error

Speedometer errors can result from many things that can happen to a car or the speedo itself. The common error is when you get to change the tire size of the car. This has an influence of the amount of distance to be covered at any instance. If the speedo were not changed, then it would lead to more trouble.

Another error could come from the manufacturer. The speedometer will not always be 100 percent accurate, but you can always have it recalibrated to ensure that it gets to display the current speed. You can do this at home by learning about how to calibrate a speedometer from the guide below.

What are Federal Standards in the United States?

speedometer calibration

The federal standards are important for specifying the design, construction, durability, and performance of different devices that are made in the United States. All the products are supposed to conform to these standards if they will be sold and used in the United States.

When it comes to speedometers, the standards allow up to a maximum of 5 mph error at a speed of 50 mph on the speedometer readings.

Methods of Speedometer Calibration

Mechanical Speedometer by Cable Driven

Method 1

  • This method could be used for speedometer calibration for larger tire. First start by finding a measured mile on the highway or using a speedometer test zone. The interstate highways would have markers for each mile covered so it would be great to use.
  • Next is to check the difference in mile reading on your odometer between the mile markers. You have to do this for several mile markers just to make sure the readings you get are accurate.

Method 2

  • To access the speedometer for recalibration, start by unscrewing the cable end at the speedometer head.
  • Proceed to attach a flag on the flexible cable by using a paper clip or a piece of tape.
  • Measure accurately a distance of 52 feet 9-i/2 inches. With the distance measured, proceed to mark each of the ends with chalk or tape if you have more.
  • Next is to roll the car so that it gets to the first mark. You have to make sure that the cable is turning. You might need someone to help you to keep track of the cable when it is turning.
  • With the tire aligned with the first mark, place a piece of tape on the side of the tire. You have to push or drive the car from the first mark to the second mark.
  • You have to count and record these number of full turns and tenths of a turn, which the cable would be making. If you get ten full turns, then it is correct for the domestic cars.
  • You can repeat a few more times just to make sure you get the accurate results for your speedometer calibration.

Method 3

  • For this method on how to adjust speedometer, you have to record the number of teeth found in the speedometer drive gear in the transmission rear, number of teeth on speedometer driven gear, the transmission type, the rear end ratio, and the rear tire diameter.
  • With this information, you can take it to a speedometer specialist to help with building the correct the right ratio adapter for the vehicle.

Calibrating the Electronic Speedometer


  • One of the ways to calibrate speedometer would be through auto calibration. It is definitely one of the simplest methods to get the speedometer working correctly again. This method would be done only on a road with a one mile designated markers or with the car on a dynamometer.
  • Select the proper mode upon starting of the car. Hold the button for about three seconds and it will displace ready to being. Run and press the button again. The display will flash the Start meaning it is ready for calibration.
  • Drive up to a distance of one mile and then press the button again. The rate will be shown on the LCD display showing the impulse rates detected. This means that your calibration process complete.

As you can see how to recalibrate speedometer is not that hard. You can always get to do it easily when you have the right tools and techniques. Always make sure that you get to this once every few years to ensure that your speedometer is working correctly.

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