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How To Replace Valve Cover Gasket In Your Car

How To Replace Valve Cover Gasket In Your Car

The question on how to replace valve cover gasket is not new to many motorists. When the car does not work, as you want, it is crucial to get it checked and repaired. Sometimes the worn valve cover gasket might lead to some car problems. The process on how to replace the worn valve cover gasket is not hard. With a few screws and bolts to open, you should be done in no time. Let us check out the method below.

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How to replace valve cover gasket

Things you’ll need

  • Valve cover gasket kit
  • Socket set
  • Torx bit
  • Screwdrivers
  • Razor knife
  • Gasket scrapper
  • Rags
replace valve cover gasket

Via – Diesel valve cover gasket kit

Steps to replace valve cover gasket

  1. Removing the intake

The first step of the method on valve cover replacement involves removing the intake. This might vary depending on your car, but it is crucial so that you have an easy access for working. With your screwdriver, you can loosen the clamps holding the intake in place to get it free.

Make sure to stuff a rag or towel at the exposed part of the throttle body. This is to keep away dirt from entering the throttle body while working on the valve cover gaskets.

  1. Remove the spark plug wires

These wires can easily get in the way of handling the replacement of the valve cover gaskets. Removing them is quite easy by undoing some few screws and they will come out of the engine.

  1. Remove the valve cover

You are almost getting to the gaskets when you start working on removing the valve cover. With a torx bit, you can remove the valve cover bolts and the washer rings. Keep these bolts in a secure place, as you will need them to bolt the cover back into position.

replace valve cover gasket

With the bolts out of the way, proceed to use a rubber mallet to tap the sides of the valve cover. This should make it easy for getting the cover from its position easily.

The old gasket would be acting like glue at this point. With a razor knife, you can use it to cut the gasket to release the cover.

  1. Clean the surfaces

Before you can reattach the cover, make sure it is clean enough for better adhesiveness. Use a gasket scrapper to remove any remaining parts of the old gasket from the surface. If you do not have a gasket scrapper, you could used a flat head screwdriver to accomplish the same.

Take the cover into the kitchen sink and run a lot of soapy water through it. This should help with removing a lot gunk from the cover. With a clean rag, proceed to dry the parts and get to enjoy a clean cover for your engine.

  1. Apply the gasket sealant

For there to be a great bond between the gasket and the cover, you need to apply an RTV sealant. It is important that you apply correctly on all the surfaces that the gasket would come into contact with.

Proceed to lay the valve cover gasket in position before putting the cover into its position.

replace valve cover gasket


  1. Put the cover back on

In this stage of valve cover gasket replacement, you need to place the valve cover back on to its position. No need to hit it with anything as it will slide into position quite easily.

With the valve cover back to its place, start adding the bolts that hold it into its position. With the torx bit, make sure to tighten the bolts well enough to avoid any unnecessary movements.

Tips and warnings for replacing valve cover gasket in cars

  • Drain the oil if it leaked
  • Top up the oil if a lot was lost
  • Use the right tools for opening different screws and bolts
  • Choose the right valve cover gasket based on your car model

On average, the cost to replace valve cover gasket is not going to be high. Just make sure that you get the right gasket for your car model. Also consider the material used to make the gasket as it often affects the durability of the gasket you are getting.

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