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Tips On How To Clean Car Windows Effectively

Tips On How To Clean Car Windows Effectively

Cleaning the car windows is often a tricky affair for most people. They often end up with streaks on the windows because of having poor techniques when it comes to how to clean car windows. It is important that you get to learn about some of the tips for cleaning car windows. You will definitely end up with streak free windows from today after checking out this guide.

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How to clean car windows inside


  • Start by praying the glass cleaner onto a piece cloth. It is advisable that you spray the cleaner onto the cloth rather than the glass directly. When you spray onto the glass, most of it does not reach the glass. Most of it ends up settling on other components in the car. This would mean that you have more work to do when it comes to cleaning. Once you have sprayed the glass cleaner onto the cloth, you can now wipe the interior of the window.
  • You need to use a microfiber cloth for wiping the interior. This type of cloth is made to be soft to touch and still have the best properties for scrubbing away the dirt. It is also great for absorbing the glass cleaner. It is even better than using a newspaper that would leave ink residue in the car interior.
  • To end up with an impressively cleaned interior of a car window, you need to wipe in every direction. You need to wipe using an up and down motion and then followed by the side-to-side motion. You will end up with fewer streaks than when you get to wipe the window in circles.

As you can see, cleaning insider car windows is something you can easily do on your own without involving any professional. Go ahead and get started.

How to clean car windows outside


  • Before you can start cleaning the windows, you need to first clean the whole car. You do not want to end up with clean windows and other places are dirty. Once you get to clean the whole car, it is much easier to get started on the windows now.
  • Unlike the interior where we were spraying the glass cleaner on a cloth, on the exterior you can apply it directly to the windows. Spraying directly to the windows helps with faster dissolution of stuck-on bugs. This means that in the end you can remove bugs or dirt from the windows with a lot of ease.

how to clean car windows

  • It is still important that you use a microfiber cloth too on the outside. It will help with easily removing the dirt and leaning you with a streak free finish all the time. Make sure that this is a different microfiber cloth from the one used for the interior.
  • A great way of preventing streaks, you first wipe using the up and down motion and then start the side to side motion. It is the same as we did for the interior.

Things you’ll need

  • Glass cleaner
  • Clean cloth or rag

Just like that, you have all the information you could possibly need when it comes to how to clean car windows. On overall, the process is simple and what to use to clean car windows is just a microfiber cloth and glass clear solution. Cleaning is faster and easier that most people would often clean the windows on their own. There is no need to have someone else do it for you.


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