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Tire Load Index – What It Is And The Benefits Of Knowing How To Read It.

Tire Load Index – What It Is And The Benefits Of Knowing How To Read It.

Picking the best tire for your truck is more than just the size. You would need to understand more about the tire load index. The tire load rating on tires will always tell you how much weight the tires can carry when inflated to a certain pressure. The tire load range should always be on your mind when getting the new tires. Learn more about the tire load index below.

What is the tire load index or tire load rating?

The manufacturer would want to give you such important information so that you can know just how much load you can carry. The load index means the assigned numerical value that is used to compared with the relative load carrying capability of the tire. An example is having a tire with the following part number: P165/60R15 87S, for this case, the 87 part is what identifies the tire load rating. This tire index means that the tire has the ability to carry up to 1201 pounds.

It goes without saying that the higher the number, you will definitely know that you can carry more weight on the tire.

Tire load Index Chart

It is possible that some people would not have the information or capability to identify the meaning of the tire load rating. This is the reason there is the need to have the tire load index chart. With the chart, you end up with the best way of knowing what each code means for your tires in terms of the weight. Depending on the manufacturer, you can always expect that the tire load index would be different.

The charts always show how much weight your tire can carry. So, what about when the tires have the same load index and come from different manufacturers? Most of the time such tires would be able to carry the same load, but not always. This part needs the user to keep in mind the inflation pressure. Having the same tire load index does not mean they can be inflated with the same pressure. Make sure that you follow the inflation instructions are given by the manufacturer.

Below is a sample tire load index chart to help you understand what the numbers mean.

Light Truck Tire Load Index

The light trucks are often going to carry different types of loads which are more as compared to what a normal passenger car would carry. This calls for the right type of tires for the truck. The light trucks can use the single or dual tires for various applications. The light truck tire load index simply means that amount of weight that the truck can carry when using certain types of tires.

The single tires means fitting wheels with one on either side of the axle. The dual wheel application is when you have two wheels on either side of the same axle. Using the dual wheel fitment process helps to increase the load index tires. This means that you would be able to carry more weight with the dual wheel application.

As an example, you can have a tire with the following code LT265/75R16 112/109 R. The tire load index is represented by 112/109. The first part implies the rating for single tire use and the second part is for dual fitment.

The next time you have to get yourself the right tire for carrying more things, you always have to keep in mind the tire load index. Get yourself a tire load range chart for your tires to learn more about the load index rating before using them to carry more load. Do it correctly, and you do not have to worry about the tire being damaged under high loads.

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