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Tire Size Chart For Buying The Best Tire. Is It Worth Learning About It?

Tire Size Chart For Buying The Best Tire. Is It Worth Learning About It?

To pick the right tire for your car, it is always important to understand what the tire size chart is all about. Having a better understanding of the chart helps you learn about the important features of the tire before buying it. Below are some of the top tire tech specifications you can find on the chart.

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Tire Tech

If you are going to choose the best tire for your car, it is important that you knew of some important tire tech information. Check out the common terms below that you would find in a tire size chart.

  1. Maximum load

From the tire size chart, you will get to learn more about the maximum load. This essentially means that this is the maximum weight the tire is designed to carry at any given time. This part is important so that you only get to carry the recommended load for your tires. Most of the time if it is anything over the recommended, you could risk bursting the tire. Depending on the type and size of the tire, you would get them rated as a light load, standard load or extra load.

  1. Maximum inflation pressure

The maximum inflation pressure often goes in hand with the maximum load rating for a tire. If you are going to carry a lot of weight, then the manufacturer would recommend a certain amount of pressure to be used to make it possible for handling the weight. The common inflation pressure will vary from one tire manufacturer to another, but they are often as the following:

–    Light load – 35psi

–    Standard load – 35psi

–    Extra load – 41 psi

Inflating the tire to the correct tire pressure will also help with having even wearing over time.

  1. Tread depth

The tire depth can be defined as the vertical measurements you get between the top of a tire tread rubber to the bottom of the same tire’s deepest groove. The tires come with all type of grooves so the tire depth might not always be the same. In the United States, the tire depth is as 32nds of an inch. You will need to have a tire tread gauge for accurately measuring the depth. Depending on the use, you can have a long lasting tread or much less.

  1. Rim width range

The way the tires are built, you would find that it is easier to fit the same tire on various types of rims with different rims even if they come from different manufacturers. The rim width range is now the range that identifies the narrowest up to the widest rim width that the tire is designed to be mounted. You simply have to identify the correct tire that fit on your rims.

  1. Measuring rim width

It is always important to have better standardization, especially where we are in a world where more people are always looking to make more tire brands. The measuring rim width is what comes as the industry standards for a rim width. Having the standard rim widths makes it possible for the tire manufacturers make tires that will fit on them even if the rims will have different designs.

  1. Section width

The tire section width is important for learning more about the tire width. The section width is some places it is called the cross section width. It is the measurement of a tire width from the inner sidewall to the outer sidewall at the widest point. This measurement excludes the protective ribs, raised letter and decorations.

  1. Tread width

The tire size guide would also come with the mention of the tread width. This is the measurement between the inboard and outboard edges of the new tire tread. It will approximate the width of your tire on the part that will come into contact with the road when driving.

  1. Overall diameter

You would want to learn more about the diameter before buying one for yourself. The overall tire diameter is simply the outer diameter of a tire measuring up to the center of the tire tread. You have to take this measurement when the tire is not loaded to get the correct overall diameter. The process on overall does not a lot so it should be easy to handle it.

  1. Revolutions per mile

This is something you can easily understand as it means the number of times the tire will have to evolve to cover a distance of a mile. This will often vary from one manufacturer to another. It is often measured in the labs so that it might be a bit different on the road with multiple factors kicking in.

  1. Country of origin

In the world right now, some countries are known for making the best tires. It can be a truck tire size chart where it would have the country of origin for that particular tire. Depending on the reputation of the company in a country, you would get more people just opting for tires from a specific country.

Tire Size Chart

Tire size meaning

There will always be a tire size reading on a tractor tire size chart or any other type of tire size chart. You have to understand the meaning of the sizes to find the correct tire for your car. Some can come with various letters abbreviated to mean a few things. The abbreviations would end with the tire size at the end. It will be numerical such as 13, 14, 15 or more. The tire size you need to know based on your rim. If you a 14-inch rim, you also need to get a 14-inch tire.

tire size chart

How to find your tire size?

You can find the text look similar to one of the two our primary examples on the sidewall of your tires. 

tire size chartStandard passenger tires

We will base on variations of the P215/60R16 in this example.

  • 215 in the text is a tire width
  • 60 in the text is a aspect ratio
  • 16 in the text is a rim diameter

tire size chartHigh-flotation tires

We will base on variations of the 35×12.50R17LT in this example.

  • 35 in the text is a overal diameter
  • 12.5 or 1250 in the text is a section width
  • 17 in the text is a rim diameter

Also, your tire size can be found in the following places:

  1. Inside the glove box door
  2. Within the gas tank hatch
  3. Driver’s side door jamb

Tire size chart by wheel size

It is possible to get still manufacturers categorizing the tires based on the wheel size. You have to make sure that you pick the wheel size correctly if you want it to fit perfectly.

Tire size chart by diameter

For some reason, the tire tech industry would also categorize the tire chain size chart in terms of diameter. It is often technical to some people, but it is still important information to know about the tire.

The next time you have to choose the best and the right tire for your car, let the tire size chart come in handy. It will always give you a better time learning more about the tire before actually buying one. The tire tech information above should help you now quickly make a decision about buying the best tires.

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