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Top Important Tips For Tire Replacement For Everyone

Top Important Tips For Tire Replacement For Everyone

The process of tire replacement is not the idial job of most people. They would not want to end up touching dirt just because they have a flat and they have to make the tire change. You will simply have to make the tire replacement if you want to keep the car driving well. A tire replacement is easily done depending on the situation. We will get to see how you can do the tire replacement on your own whenever necessary.

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When does a car need tire replacement?

At some point of using the car, you might end up needing a car tire replacement. Several scenarios can come into play, making you change the tire. Below are the top reasons you might have to do a tire replacement.

tire replacementA flat tire

When you are driving around, and you end up having a flat tire, there is the need to do a donut spare tire replacement so as to keep moving. You only use the donut spare tire for a few miles to get the tire to be repaired.

tire replacementWorn out tire

Since it is highly unlikely to use the tire without it having any wear, at some point you will need to change the tires because they are worn out. The worn out tire would often lead to more flats and also unstable driving. You will have to change it sooner.

How to Change a Tire

This might not be the greatest tasks that people face today, but you have to learn more about if you need to do a donut or full-size spare tire replacement.

Find a safe spot

Once you notice that you have a flat tire, do not abruptly apply the brakes. Reduce the speed as you scan the environment for a flat straight stretch of the road. If you see a parking lot, this could be the best place to use for the tire replacement process. Always make sure it is a level ground to prevent the car from rolling.

Park the car and apply the wheel wedges

Once you have found a place to do the tire replacement, apply the parking brake so as to keep the car from moving. Apply the wheel wedges if you have them in front or behind the tire to ensure that the car does not move when replacing the tire. For those do not have the wheel wedges, you could use large stones or bricks to lock the car in position.

tire replacement

Remove the wheel cover and loosen the lug nuts

tire replacementTo reach the lug nuts, you have to remove the wheel cover for some cars. For those that do not have the cover, you can go straight to loosening the nuts. Using a lug wrench, you can remove the hubcap or use a special tool that is meant for your car.

tire replacementProceed to loosen the tire by doing a ¼ or ½ turn. You are not to remove the nuts completely.

Raise the car using the car

Place the tire jack on the flat ground under the vehicle frame and start raising the car. Make sure it is on the side of where the flat tire is located. For those who are not sure of where to apply the jack, you can always refer to the owner’s manual. You are to raise the jack until the tire is about six inches above the ground.

Remove the flat tire and mount spare tire

tire replacementYou can now proceed to unscrew the remaining lug nuts and free the flat tire. You are supposed to unscrew the nuts diagonally to maintain balance.

tire replacementOnce the flat tire has been removed, you can now mount the donut spare tire or the full-size spare tire onto the hub.

Tighten the lug nuts

tire replacementYou need to tighten the lug nuts by hand first. Tighten until they are locked with the tire. Do not tighten further at this point. You can now lower the jack to the ground.

tire replacementTighten the lug nuts further to make sure that they are now in good contact with the wheel. With the nuts tightened enough, proceed to replace the hubcap in its position.

Take all your equipment

With the tire replacement job done, do not forget to take all your equipment and put them in the car.

Tools you need for tire replacement

Below are the tools that you will need for doing the replacement spare tire process.

tire replacementJack

tire replacementLug wrench

tire replacementFully inflated replacement spare tire

tire replacementVehicle’s manual

tire replacementFlashlight

tire replacementGloves

As you can see, the whole process of changing a tire is not hard. You simply have to follow the explained steps, and you will end up with a successful tire replacement. Just make sure the nuts are well tightened to ensure that the wheel is not loose.

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