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What range of car damage levels could be if collision repair happened?

What range of car damage levels could be if collision repair happened?

Even if you get many years of driving experience, you can still be got collision with other cars, or some pillars and wall. The chances for colliding are quite high, and can happen at one of the any point in your life. So, what range of car damage levels could be if collision repair happened? 

If there was the collisions or bumps with your vehicles, you had to check suffering car thoroughly. The damages might be dents, or scratches on the body car, while the others might be in the internal engine system. If you did not check all and repair for the time being, the other parts might be damaged too.

How to diagnose damages

When your vehicle has been taken to the garage, and your repairer say to you a term is “totaled”  that means your car can not back to its original self by repairing. With the ” totaled” car, you can only choose 1 in 2 options is recycles or buying new models.

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Sometimes, the insurance companies will require thorough repairing and will not supply insurance on such auto. This is the reason can make repair cost exceed than the current market value of this model car. Also, such cars will be considered as ” totaled” and there is no any car insurance company to agree to cover.

Roll Over Damages

With the cars that roll over in the collision, the range of car damage level will be higher than vehicle just collide either with one another, or against tree, walls,… With this kind of collision, the car will be some dents and bumps on the body. The dents and bumps is big or small is depending on the severity of accidents.

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No all cars which roll over is all have bumps and dents. So, it is necessary to work of an expert to diagnose the car and check the engine systems and other parts have been damaged or not. However, you know, there are some damages can not be repaired, and you often recieve the results with declaring the vehicle is “totaled”.

Collision on Rear Ends

The severity of damage depends on the speed in which the car collided with the other object. That might be scratches, dents, or small bumps. etc… with minor accidents. However, you might be charged thousands of dollar to repair the automobile if your car’s bumper is manufactured using poor quality.

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Frontal Impacts

In the frontal impacts, the vehicles usually get damages quarter panels, windshield, hood and bumper. Some parts can be repaired but some parts should be replaced because they can make harm for your car.You can not do this by yourself since it is good for your car using some exclusive repair procedures, with required set of machines and tools.

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Finally, If your car is damaged beyond the level of repairing, decide to let go of it.


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